These are a few art collages I've created for my side project and for one of my clients' brands.
These are two surface pattern designs drawn for Masenso's stylish and comfortable leggings.
It was a quiet January evening of 2017 when I drew my first comic on a Post-it note and shared it on Instagram. It wasn’t pretty, but it was funny. Well, at least the following ones were. And I’ve been drawing them for a year straight, then on and off again until 2022. Nothing can show you my development as an illustrator better than these comics. And some of them are actually hilarious. It’s the story of my trial and error both in art education and in life. You can find all of them on the Exciety Instagram account. If you keep scrolling, you can actually see that first Post-it comic at the very beginning.
“Admin Talks according to Marketing” is a comic series based on true and imagined (but probable) events happening in Adminotaur’s office. It’s been published more or less regularly since 2018 and serves as a beautiful illustration of the team dynamic. Check out the full series on Adminotaur’s Facebook page.
These are the blackboard chalk drawings made for Adminotaur's chillout room in 2019.
Here's a wide range of my personal projects, including ceramics decoration, crocheting, watercolour painting and drawing on the wood slices.
All done between 2017 and 2020.
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