Potterhead personalised illustrations
If you're anything like me, you would love to accidentally wake up in a Hogwarts dormitory tomorrow. Unfortunately, it's impossible to pack your trunk, grab your nimbus and move to Hogwarts... But I can draw you in one of the castle’s common rooms filled with your other interests' tokens (themed posters, books, potions, specific furniture). Wouldn't that be the next best thing?
So I am offering you precisely this: a way to see how it would be to live in a magical world filled with everything you care about. I will draw a room inspired by the Hogwarts house you've been sorted into and ensure that your interests are well represented. You will be dressed appropriately for the setup (house robe, quidditch robe, informal house-related attire). I can also include your kid/baby and a pet. Whatever your family or group of friends looks like - I will make it work 😎

🍓 it's the finest birthday gift for a Potterhead!
🍓 it's a wedding gift that your magic-loving friends will cherish forever
🍓 it's a family portrait that won't end up in the Room of Requirement
🍓 it's the best statement piece for your Burrow
🎄 it's a Christmas present that will make Christmas truly magical

COMPLETION TIME: 3-5 weeks (+ shipping time depending on your location)
OPTIONS: digital, A4 print, A3 print and A2 print​​​​​​​
Are you ready to order? Drop me an email and I will guide you through the process ☺️
Be yourself! Unless you can be Batman. Then, of course, be Batman 😎
If your lifelong dream is to wake up one day as Batman, you have come to the right place. No, I'm not a crazy billionaire experimenting on people. I'm just an illustrator who can draw you a very authentic portrait. I will make you look like your favourite pop culture hero. Or villain, no judging.
Over the last 3 years, I've illustrated dozens of wonderful people as their favourite pop culture characters. Han Solo, Lucifer, Rambo, Elizabeth Bennet, Batman, Superwoman, Hermione Granger, Leo Messi, Geralt of Rivia… I can go on like that. But who would YOU like to become?
🍓 it's the geekiest gift for your favourite geek
🍓 it's the best matching outfit idea for you and your bestie!
🍓 it's a memorable goodbye present for your team buddy
🍓 it's the artwork you wanna hang over the fireplace to remind you of your troubled youth
🎄 it's the ultimate ugly Christmas sweater that isn't ugly

COMPLETION TIME: 1-2 weeks (+ shipping time depending on your location)
OPTIONS: digital, A4 print, A3 print, T-shirt print, hoodie print
Are you ready to order? Drop me an email and I will guide you through the process ☺️
If you're not that big on human depictions, but you'd absolutely love to honour your beloved pet, a Patronus Pet Portrait is exactly what you’re looking for. This glowing pet illustration is the ultimate way to commemorate your dear buddy and keep them with you forever!
No idea what a patronus is? No worries, not everybody is a Potterhead 😅 I can place your glowing pet portrait on top of their name or any other short phrase of your choice.
🍓 it’s the best way to immortalise your pet if you’re not a fan of taxidermy 😉
🍓 it doesn’t take up any space on your wall
🍓 it’s the ultimate outfit to show off at the local vet centre
🍓 OMG, it looks like it’s glowing!
COMPLETION TIME: 1 week (+ shipping time depending on your location)
OPTIONS: digital, T-shirt print, hoodie print, tote bag print​​​​​​​
Are you ready to order? Drop me an email and I will guide you through the process ☺️
You'd like to order a portrait or an illustration from me, but your vision doesn't fit in any of the previous options? Let me know what your heart desires, and I will be happy to prepare a special offer for you 😊
Drop me an email at ula@sasulla.com describing what you need, and let's do this!
❤️ Still not sure if I'm the right person for your project? Visit the Testimonials section. All of these reviews were written by my past and returning clients. ❤️
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♻️ All printed items are eco-friendly - from the eco-certified, vegan inks and sustainable printing process, through the FSC-labelled paper, 100% organic cotton or recycled textile products, all the way to the plastic-free shipping. ♻️​​​​​
💸 I accept payments via Stripe and wire transfers. If, for some reason, you are unable to pay using any of these options, let me know - I'm sure we'll be able to sort it out. 💸
📦 I ship worldwide. The shipping price is calculated based on the destination country and is included in the final cost of your order. 📦
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