How do I go about commissioning an artwork?
➡️ The easiest way to order an illustration from me is to drop me an email at
after you send it out, I will get back to you within 24 hours. If I don't contact you within this time, please contact me via my Instagram account or Facebook page, because this might mean that for whatever reason, your email hasn't reached me.
What do I need to provide?
It depends on the commission type, but in general, I need a good-quality and well-lit reference photo of a person (or pet) you want me to portray. And if you have more photos - that's even better! 😁
Which characters can I choose from for a Pop Culture Portrait?
You can choose from all the existing Pop Culture characters, even if I haven’t heard of them yet. Just remember to attach their photo/image with the rest of the information (especially, if it's not well-known).
What is the process, and how long does it take?
The timeline heavily depends on the type of commission. In general, up to a week from when you ordered, paid and sent me the reference picture(s), you will get a sketch to review. Remember to give me feedback (as detailed as possible) so I can correct everything before I start the final piece. You will have one more revision before the end, but it can't be anything big or difficult to change. When the illustration is ready, you will get it as a print-ready PDF, and if you ordered a physical item, I will send it to the printing facility. You will get the tracking number when they ship. If you're my Instagram follower, you will get a complimentary phone wallpaper within a week.
What are the payment options?
I will send you a Stripe link for payment, which means you can pay with a card, ApplePay or GooglePay. You can also pay me with a wire transfer if that's easier for you. If there's any problem with the payment method, contact me directly and I'll see how I can help.
I accept payments in Euros, US Dollars and PLN. Prices in each currency are calculated by Stripe, based on the current exchange rates.
The shipping cost is calculated based on the country of your shipping address. It starts at €4,50. If you'd like to check the rate for your country before you order, get in touch with me.
Returns are not possible. I will draw your illustration specifically for you, so I can't sell it to anybody else. That's why it's so important for me to get solid feedback on the initial sketch. This way, I can fix whatever needs fixing before it becomes a problem. The only situation when you can return the commissioned physical item is if it came to you faulty or damaged. For more information on returns and cancellations, check my Returns Policy.
How fast do you ship?
As close to Solo’s “Kessel run” as possible (under 12 parsecs). The moment you confirm the illustration is what you imagined (or better), I send it to the printing facility. Then it takes from 1 to 3 business days to print, and your order gets shipped directly from the facility.
2-10 business days in Europe and 5-14 business days in the rest of the world. If you're planning for a special occasion, I suggest adding an extra week to that, especially during the Christmas season and other statistically busy periods of the year. Just to be safe.
I really need this by tomorrow! Can you help?
I don’t use magic at work, but if you need your illustration sooner (not tomorrow though), drop me an email, and if I can finish it faster, I will. Just remember that it's just one person who's drawing these orders, and she occasionally has to sleep 😅 That's also why I will most likely not be able to speed up your order during the busiest times of the year, so keep that in mind.
Yes! I do all of this as a legal European business, so just let me know in advance what details you want to include in your invoice, and you will get it as soon as the payment clears.
How can I make it easier for you? (Nobody ever asks, but well...)
Thanks for asking! It would be great if the photo you are sending over had a person portrayed in a three-quarter view, as this is the angle I usually use to draw portraits and people in my illustrations. The second best would be a picture where the person is facing forward. I can still work with that. No photos from the side (or from the back!), please 😅
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